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Weddings at Amagi Beach, Marawila are unique occasions which unite the traditional customs of days past with those of the island’s natural charm and warmth. As one of the most stunning hotels for beach wedding in Sri Lanka, Amagi Beach, Marawila serves as a wonderful destination for that special day in your life.

We offer you a traditional wedding package that includes registration & stamp fees / translation of Marriage Certificate, decorated stand or “Poruwa”, options of locations either within the hotel garden or lobby, traditional blessings, dancers, drummers and bouquets that would make for quite a colourful celebration to be a part of.

In a typical Amagi wedding, the bride is accompanied to the beach front / garden area to meet the groom, after which a group of traditional dancers and drummers will guide them to the Poruwa, a raised platform on which the bridal couple stands for the ‘nupital’ ceremony. While the couple stands on the decorated Poruwa, blessings are invoked on them by the chanting of stanzas, as per Sri Lankan custom. Separately, a bevy of young girls sing ‘Jayamangala gatha’, at the conclusion of which the couple descend from the ‘Poruwa’ and light the traditional oil lamp.

At twilight, the honeymooning couple will enjoy a gourmet 4 course meal specially prepared will be served, accompanied with a bottle of Wine. A personal butler will be in attendance.